Helen Fairburn
Counsellor in York

About Counselling

Counselling offers you a safe space to talk about something that is on your mind or is a problem to you. If something is important to you or making you unhappy and interfering with your quality of life then it may be a good reason to seek support through counselling.

I work in a person-centred way. This means that I value you and your subjective experience, believing that you and can and will bring about personal change if give the right conditions. These condition include trust, honesty, non-judgement, and to be fully accepted. I will not judge you or tell you want to do, although I may offer suggestions or gentle challenge. I will provide you with a safe and supportive space where I will help you to explore and better understand what it is that you are feeling or experiencing, and consider ways in which you may work towards finding the right solution for you.  

I will talk to you about the focus of your counselling in our first session. You will set the focus and pace of each sessions and together we will regularly review how things are progressing throughout the counselling process. Some people find that it is the process of talking things through, helping to unravel difficult thoughts and feelings and feel heard and understood, to be most therapeutic for them. Others to look at practical tools and techniques to use alongside and beyond counselling, such as developing strategies for managing anxiety and stress. I will support you to find the right balance for you.

You can end the counselling sessions at any point.  For example you may decide that you have got sufficient support or that you are wanting to to move into a different type of support.

Types of Sessions Offered

I offer both in-person and remote sessions by either telephone or videocall. All three are helpful forms of accessing counselling sessions. However, they do have some different benefits and will feel slightly different.  I can help you consider which approach may best suit you.

My therapy room is located at Tower Court in the Clifton Moor area of York, which has good transport links and free onsite car parking.